5 Tricks to Stay In Shape to Get a Man Before the Ball Drops

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Between Thanksgiving and the New Year, Americans gain an average of six pounds.

Delicious? yes!

Attractive? no!

If you’re trying to look your best and nab a boyfriend before the ball drops on New Year’s, here are some tried and true tricks to slash the calories at the big dinner so you can look and feel your best.  Get the yummy gobble without the tummy wobble!

Start Your Day Right

Don’t skimp out on breakfast or you will completely unhinge at dinner! Eat something with a good amount of protein so you will be fuller, longer. Have some nonfat Greek yogurt with some crushed walnuts (more protein and less calories than granola), some scrambled eggs (skip the cheese for today), or have some fiber-full cereal with milk and some fruit. Breakfast will stabilize your blood sugar and prevent you from overeating at dinner.


Drink water throughout the day, especially when the appetizers start coming out of the kitchen. Plenty of times people confuse thirst for hunger, so make sure you stay hydrated all day. Have a full glass of water 5 to 10 minutes before dinner to feel less hungry when you start eating. Also, try and alternate other beverages with water- this could allow you to cut your liquid calories in half… and prevent a hangover!


Appetizers and finger foods are terrible for your waistline because you don’t really feel like you are eating that much. Don’t stand by the food table. Just make a sure for yourself to eat sitting down. This will force you to get a little plate and fill it with food, and if you have to get up to get more you will definitely think twice about getting up.



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Don’t Eat With Your Eyes

When you serve yourself, serve yourself less than you actually want. It’s normal to dump a lot of food on your plate and eat it all because its there. Consciously putting less food on your plate may make you feel unsatisfied… but only until you start eating. When you are done with your food you will be just as full, but with less food.

Go For the Really Special Things

Eat the things that you know you won’t eat until the next thanksgiving. Have some pumpkin pie, but skip the ice cream—you can eat ice cream any regular day. Have some of your aunt’s stuffing but skip the bread with butter, which you can eat at a restaurant or at home on any given day

Enjoy your meal and just keep in mind overeating will make you feel crappy afterwards. You don’t want to be lethargic the next few days… what if that cutie you’ve been talking to gives you a call?

I agree with you that it could be way ahead, as Betsy may not be sure if she wants to marry ‘him’.

However, I personally think, any girl/guy could ask if the other ever intends to get married ( may be not with them ) very early in first few dates !

I dont see why this question could be asked only after an year or two,( wasting time with the wrong person) ‘coz it’s such an impersonal question ! Do you believe in marriage ? How personal is that ? It’s not asking about marriage with ‘you’ right …If he does, he’d say … yes with the right woman, I do ! Else he’d say nah, that’s a piece of paper I dont care for !

I dont see any harm in this question, and if the guy doesnt ever believe in marriage, and you do … you know it way ahead and … it becomes easy to make decisions based on that !

It’s not fun to drag a guy who doesnt ever want to get married, ‘nailing’ him down to do so,( if he’s totally against marriage in the first place) just ‘coz you’re attached to him for over an year or so ! Instead think of all the time that could be saved, if you know this way ahead !

I’d personally refrain myself from all that work of talking someone into it, ‘coz I believe if two people want to get married, they should because it’s their decision that they want to stay together for life, not one ‘convincing’ other to do so.

And I surely think, it’s time Betsy ask that question as suggested by Jeff, so she knows if they’re on the same page or not ! ( ie same page about marriage and not about each other ) !

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